OVERVIEW: The AHB Hunter Conversion is based on a twin rear wheel chassis (for example John Lewis, TNT or Parcelforce style delivery truck). They all have diesel engines, power steering and 5 or 6 speed or automatic gearbox. It has a fully tilting cab which allows easy access to engine. The AHB Hunter Conversion offers an  affordable converted container vehicle with the ramp, partitions, windows, dividing wall and doors already fitted. Option to carry two horse/ponies rear/forward facing or three to six horses/ponies herringbone facing.


HORSE AREA: The internal horse area walls come fully lined with light weight EVA kick boarding. Above the EVA matting is coloured washable vinyl (many colours are available). There are strong, adjustable aluminium half height partitions. Full height jockey access to the living area. Heavy duty rubber over a strong durable WISA flooring. Includes a tie ring and haynet ring per horse stall and modern LED lighting throughout.


RAMP: The ramp is built using a 40mm box steel frame, covered in aluminium (fully trimmed) on the outside and strong durable WISA boards on the inside with 2 underslung ramp springs (making the ramp very easy to lift). We then use an overcentre locking system to ensure it is safe and secure.  The ramp is covered using lightweight ramp carpet and aluminium ramp runs (this can be upgraded to rubber matting). There are strong GRP aluminium capped ramp doors.


LIVING AREA: Features pull out steps and a full height lockable door which leads to the living area. Including a fully lined and insulated ceiling to stop condensation. It also modern LED lighting and an opening living window on the offside.


The living is not included in the price. We offer a personal choice from different living styles, from a basic day unit to a full luxury living.


EXTERIOR FINISH: Single plain colour of your choice with "HORSES" written on front and rear.


EXTRAS: We have a wide choice of extras available (please ask for more details). For example the choice of fibreglass sleeper pod, extra windows and vents, full height ramp doors, partition/wall padding, aluminium flooring, CCTV, lockers, metallic paint and graphics.


6 - 7.5 ton chassis

2 Horse/Pony Price From: £11,500.00 (excluding Vat and chassis)

3 Horse/Pony Price From: £13,000.00 (excluding Vat and chassis)

12 - 18 Ton Chassis
4 Horse/Pony Price From: £14,500.00 (excluding Vat and chassis)
5 Horse/Pony Price From: £16,000.00 (excluding Vat and chassis)
6 Horse/Pony Price From: £17,500.00 (excluding Vat and chassis)

Discounts are available if you decide to do more of the conversion yourself.

VEHICLE: This can either be sourced to suit your budget by AHB or we can build on your chassis.